Our Principal Consultant Toby Skerritt has created a series on our Youtube Channel introducing Windows Virtual Desktop with a brief demo and showcasing some of the eco-system technologies.


Working from home led to huge disruptions to normal working life and not one many predicted. Post-Covid most people are going to continue working from outside their normal place of work so businesses need to have a robust infrastructure which is flexible, increases collaboration for teams and is secure. Windows Virtual Desktop can provide that.

Toby has worked on a video series found here, all around WVD. We started with a webinar back in July showing the platform live in action. We have 3 videos continued on from the webinar around:

  • 3D accelerate desktops and CAD/CAM
  • Dynamically attaching and detaching applications 
  • Cost management and dynamic scaling 

If you want to hear more information about WVD, feel free to Talk to us

Lizzie Arcari

Lizzie joined Foundation IT in 2019 after graduating from University. She is excited to develop her career in the IT industry, learning from the best.