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Why move to Azure Virtual Desktop from RDS? (Reason 3 - Cost)

In the final video of our Azure Virtual Desktop versus Remote Desktop Services, Mike Starnes looks at the cost comparisons between the two solutions in different environment scenarios and talks through a brief case study.



Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin - What is a node?

We have a lot of interest in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Toby Skerritt is joined by Elliott McKenna as they discuss the possibility of creating a Bitcoin node, what a node is, how hosting a node is different to mining Bitcoin and the benefits that come with a node. 




Why move to Azure Virtual Desktop from RDS? (Reason 2 - Supportability)

In the second of our RDS versus AVD series, James Harris, FIT's Service Delivery Director looks at the differences between the two platforms from an IT Operations and Support perspective. 



Why move to Azure Virtual Desktop from RDS? (Reason 1 - Architectural Complexity)

We get asked a lot about the differences between AVD and RDS. Here's the first of several short videos where Technical Consultant and all round AVD knowledge hub Toby Skerritt looks at the architectural differences.



Azure Site Recovery - Overview and Active Demonstration

Senior Infrastructure Consultant, Ryan Godfrey takes us through an ASR overview & live demo that shows how on-premise and Azure resources are protected and failed over in the event of a disaster.



Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Cost Management and Dynamic Scaling

Toby Skerritt looks at cost management & dynamic scaling using Nerdio Manager for WVD, the tooling FIT use to manage clients WVD estates.




Dynamically attaching/detaching applications within WVD using MSIX-AppAttach

Toby Skerritt demonstrates AppAttach in a Windows Virtual Desktop environment, showing you how to dynamically attach and detach applications.




Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) - 3D Accelerated desktops Demonstration

Senior Consultant Toby Skerritt demonstrates 3D/CAD/CAM Desktops in Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). 




Windows Virtual Desktop WVD in action Live Webinar

An introduction and brief demo of Windows Virtual Desktop and some of the eco-system technologies by Toby Skerritt and Mike Starnes at Foundation IT.