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Azure Site Recovery - Overview and Active Demonstration

Senior Infrastructure Consultant, Ryan Godfrey takes us through an ASR overview & live demo that shows how on-premise and Azure resources are protected and failed over in the event of a disaster.




Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Cost Management and Dynamic Scaling

Toby Skerritt looks at cost management & dynamic scaling using Nerdio Manager for WVD, the tooling FIT use to manage clients WVD estates.




Dynamically attaching/detaching applications within WVD using MSIX-AppAttach

Toby Skerritt demonstrates AppAttach in a Windows Virtual Desktop environment, showing you how to dynamically attach and detach applications.




Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) - 3D Accelerated desktops Demonstration

Senior Consultant Toby Skerritt demonstrates 3D/CAD/CAM Desktops in Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). 




Windows Virtual Desktop WVD in action Live Webinar

An introduction and brief demo of Windows Virtual Desktop and some of the eco-system technologies by Toby Skerritt and Mike Starnes at Foundation IT.