The Foundation IT Podcast

Hero shape


Pauline Toussaint and Ben Gates discuss with Dave Harries how workforces can create an environment for growth and learning through coaching in a small business. They discuss how internal and external coaching has benefited Ben and kept him on track through harder times and how we aim to support employees through health, wealth and wellbeing by expanding on different company incentives.




Foundation IT's Technology Director Toby Skerritt talks with Nerdio's CEO Vadim Vladimirskiy about the launch of Microsoft's new Windows 365 Cloud PC service and how they are changing the way they're targeting cloud-based PC services to customers and users. They look at who the service is for, provide certain use cases and a comparison to Azure Virtual Desktop. 




Toby Skerritt and Mike Starnes talk with Dave Harries about how businesses have reported plans to adopt the hybrid workplace model permanently but many are still unsure what this actually looks like in practice. From the office design to the IT and security infrastructure, they discuss what's needed to navigate through a virtual and hybrid workplace.