The cadence of development from the Nerdio team is quite something, but this latest release really is quite significant. With the release of Nerdio v5.0, a number of new features and capabilities that make it easier for organisations to manage their AVD environments have been introduced, including new functionality that goes beyond AVD and VDI and extends into Application and Endpoint Management.  Full release notes are here.

Key Updates

  • Unified Application Management: Nerdio v5.0 introduces a new Unified Application Catalog that makes it easy to manage applications across your AVD environment. You can link a wide range of app repositories to the catalog, including Microsoft AppSource, Intune, and private Winget repositories. Once in the catalog, applications can be automatically deployed to AVD session hosts or Intune managed devices, including Windows 365 Cloud PC.

The Unified Application Catalog will make it easier to manage applications across your AVD environment from a single console. This can help to improve application consistency and reduce the time it takes to deploy new applications and manage them operationally.  


  • Unified Endpoint Management (Beta): Nerdio v5.0 also includes a new Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) feature that allows you to manage your Intune enrolled Windows devices from within the Nerdio Manager console. This includes the ability to add or remove group membership, review the status of devices, and view user experience details. 

    This powerful capability will allow you to manage any Intune device from the Nerdio console, whether they are virtual or physical and extends Nerdio's capability into true endpoint management with its Intune integration.  
  • Nerdio Manager PowerShell Module (Premium Feature): Nerdio v5.0 introduces a new Nerdio Manager PowerShell module that allows you to interact with the Nerdio Manager API using PowerShell. This can be used to automate tasks, such as deploying applications or creating users.
  • RemoteApp Name Shown on User Sessions Page: Nerdio v5.0 now shows the RemoteApp name on the User Sessions page. This makes it easier to identify and troubleshoot problems with user sessions.
  • AVD Modeler Print Function: Nerdio v5.0 now includes the ability to print AVD models directly from the console to a PDF. This can be used to create documentation or share models with others.  This is a useful feature, especially when creating business cases or reports that need to be distributed.  

These new features can help to improve application consistency, device security, compliance, efficiency, and user experience. If you are using AVD, I encourage you to upgrade to Nerdio v5.0.

Mike Starnes

Mike has worked in the IT Industry for over 20 years. If he's not talking technology, he'll be reading, playing football or trying to embarrass his daughters.