Since the start of the year, working in a more sustainable way has been a regular subjec of discussion.  We recognise the importance of sustainable operations for both our company and the planet. Discussion of course wont help create change, its action that does this; so we're really proud of how our most recent initiatives are progressing from company-wide strategies to individual responsibilities.

Corporate Initiatives:

1. Pursuit of Net Zero: Our overarching aim is to become a net-zero company. We're taking actionable steps by changing daily habits, offsetting carbon emissions, and optimizing electricity consumption.

2. Ecologi Partnership:

Through our collaboration with Ecologi, Foundation IT has actively participated in global reforestation efforts. Our impact has spanned multiple continents:

  • Ethiopia: Contributed to a flourishing future for the Gewocha Forest with 18 trees.
  • Madagascar: Supported mangrove planting at Kandrany, planting 16 trees.
  • Kenya: Aided forest restoration with 10 trees.
  • Tanzania: Helped in planting forest gardens with 5 trees.
  • Mozambique: Assisted mangrove planting in Irregele Milato and reforestation in Mussuquelane with a total of 6 trees.
  • Uganda: Facilitated the planting of forest gardens with 2 trees.
  • Morocco: Contributed to the preservation of Endemic Moroccan Fruit Tree Species with 2 trees.
  • UK: Proudly planted 1 tree as a part of our reforestation projects.
  • Senegal: Aided in restoring degraded land with 1 tree.

In total, we've planted 61 trees, each acting as a beacon of our commitment to battling climate change and ensuring a greener future.

3. Carbon Reduction Projects: Apart from our afforestation efforts, we're also funding significant environmental projects, including:

  • Preventing methane emissions from landfills in Brazil.
  • Investing in wind power generation in the United States.

4. Sustainable Service Offerings: Our commercial offering which centres around Optimised Azure Virtual Desktop and Thin Client technologies is a sustainable approach to end user computing.  Clients are reducing their carbon footprint simply by adopting these technologies.  

Individual Responsibility:

Every FIT team member is encouraged to track and reduce their carbon footprint. This accountability fosters a culture of environmental awareness and promotes sustainable living both in and out of the office. To guide this process:

  • Personalized goals are set, like decomposing food sustainably, reducing shower times, and opting for walks over short car trips.
  • Group discussions help in sharing best practices and ensuring everyone is on the right track.

Collective Challenges:

Foundation IT believes in the power of collective action. As a team, we’ve undertaken challenges such as:

  • Consuming only organic meat to promote sustainable farming.
  • Washing clothes at or below 30°C to save energy.
  • Donating unused items, emphasizing the importance of reducing waste.

In Conclusion:

Foundation IT’s commitment to sustainability is multifaceted, ensuring that we make a positive impact both in our immediate community and on a global scale. As we continue to innovate in the tech space, our parallel focus remains firmly on ensuring a sustainable future for all.  

Mike Starnes

Mike has worked in the IT Industry for over 20 years. If he's not talking technology, he'll be reading, playing football or trying to embarrass his daughters.