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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Public Cloud providers such as Azure and Amazon Web Services operate open and flexible cloud platforms across a global network of data centres.  Building and deploying new workloads can be achieved in a few simple mouse clicks; it is easy by design.
Whilst Amazon and Microsoft take responsibility for Compute, Networking and Storage, their cloud platforms need managing and the Operating System, Virtual environment, Application and associated data remain our responsibility.
Despite the simplicity of the user interface, these environments are complex and the risk of downtime is real.  Like any IT infrastructure, public cloud platforms need to be monitored and managed by resources that understand them and can pre-empt or resolve issues as and when they occur.  We take responsibility for that management overhead and shield our clients from the complexity, because ultimately they just want it to work.

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Cloud Vendor Escalation
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Cost Control
  • Incident Management
  • Risk Management