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We all have our head in the cloud sometimes

In theory, transitioning to the cloud increase efficiency through utilisation and automation, bringing agility without loss of control and far greater freedom of choice.  But to make that happen is not easy, and made more difficult by the hype.
The cloud offers many benefits, but it doesn’t provide all the answers and many cloud projects fail to deliver on expectations.
The development of a cloud strategy starts with an assessment of business objectives and how cloud services support those aims, or conversely don’t support them.  This requires a significant investment in time and planning to be successful.  It may take years before certain services can be migrated to a cloud platform or service; this degree of patience is required if you are to make the cloud work effectively for you.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Consultancy
  • Cloud Migration Planning
  • Azure Design and Implementation
  • Managed Cloud Services