Case Study

Azure Virtual Desktop offers flexible service to global manufacturing company

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150 users



The client.

Founded in 1957, this manufacturer is an independent family-run business, but on a global scale making goods for the water, wastewater and several other critical infrastructure markets. 

The goal.

There was a requirement to move to a more stable desktop/application delivery mechanism so that there was greater confidence in its ability.

The other requirements were to work with a company that could support the environment end to end once it had been deployed as there are no onsite IT staff that could be called upon. 

Infrastructure challenges.

The business was utilising traditional RDS technologies in the cloud to provide access to their main CRM and ERP systems to users across 3 business divisions and a number of sites. 

Whilst the data was centrilised and it offered users some flexibility to work from any location, the platform proved to be very unstable which created productivity headaches for the power users. The systems hosted on the RDS platform run the business, producing quotes, organising work schedules etc, so it's imperative that these services are available.

There was evidence that the environment had been poorly maintained by the incumbent support provider, with limited attention paid to updates and several security holes which could have left the company exposed to data breaches. 

Separately, due to the pandemic, staff were having trouble to work in unfamiliar environments and at times on non-corporate devices. Troubleshooting performance issues was especially challenging, particularly with a workforce with varying levels of IT competency.

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Why did they engage Foundation IT?

"FIT had been consulted on a number of other IT issues and had replaced our incumbent IT supplier for support. There was a match of values and a sense that the two businesses would work well together.

FIT suggested Azure Virtual Desktop (previously Windows Virtual Desktop) as an evolved method of achieving our cloud-based access requirement for our critical business applications. The technology was explained without using jargon and the benefits and limitations highlighted upfront so that a collective informed decision could be made.

A critical error to the existing RDS environment coincided with the decision making process. FIT were able to stand up a working AVD platform for testing within 3 days, working round the clock to ensure the disruption to the business was limited."

The solution.

Windows Virtual Desktop (now Azure Virtual Desktop) was implemented with FIT Service Desk picking up the day to day monitoring, maintenance and support requirements.

The platform just works. Its reliable, the user is experience is Windows 10 so it feels like a normal desktop and there is confidence that when users have an issue, the root cause can be identified"

A virtual desktop experience that just works. 

We take responsibility for desktop management and user satisfaction. Click below for one of our team to chat with you further about AVD.

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The Value


The managed service is response, personal and flexible


Security posture has been improved


Stable & future proof technology for users to access corporate resources from anywhere, using any device.


The Azure environment has been optimised, we scale it down at night and at weekends to save unnecessary spend on cloud costs, whereas the RDS environment was on all the time.

Nerdio monitors user sessions & enables the service desk to troubleshoot issues without extensive interviews of the IT user, leading to faster resolution times