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Web Scale. When Gartner first coined the term in 2013, few saw it was likely to be adopted by 50% of global enterprises by 2017.

But exactly how do businesses, of any size, in any vertical, achieve what large cloud service firms such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook have achieved? The ability to design, deploy and manage infrastructure at any scale, repackage it to suit diverse requirements, and scale it to any size.

How do they gain the competitive advantage that Web Scale doubtless brings?

For example, sizing a storage platform presents a number of variables, some can be forecast well; some cannot. Traditionally three outcomes are possible. Storage is over-sized, expenditure is excessive and TCO poor; storage is under-sized, performance is poor and top-up investments are needed – or that rarest of all things, the Goldilocks solution where everything is just right, right from the outset.

This is true across infrastructure – for servers, networking, backup and data protection – sizing and forecasting against business requirements is like threading a needle in the dark.

Managing and monitoring an increasing number of interdependent infrastructure assets also means more and more data points for admin to delve into. Yet as infrastructure becomes larger and more complex, making decisions based on that information – correlating all that data to solve and prevent problems and to optimise applications – becomes near impossible.

Similarly, Security historically focuses on the perimeter – firewalls at infrastructure’s edge to keep threats away from critical data, assets and applications. Yet firewalls can and are breached and, as we all know, there’s nothing the media loves more than a good data-loss story. Even Next Generation Firewalls that add functionality around Intrusion Prevention and Detection can fail – the new burning question is security inside the perimeter.

Web Scale IT helps address these and many other challenges by enabling businesses to reach scale without compromise, to become more agile and more efficient and deal with the challenges that become prevalent when IT is central to critical functions.

At Foundation IT we understand these challenges and know how the largest cloud services firms have tackled them. We’ve appointed vendors who are designing and building the next generation technology, we’ve created a solution stack with some of the most forward thinking – many of whom have engineering resource born out of the major cloud service firms.

So whether you are a looking to deploy a complete infrastructure from scratch based on Web Scale principals, or to augment your current platform with specific technologies from within the stack and migrate to Web Scale architecture, we can help you on your journey.

Nutanix Logo

By integrating server and storage resources into a turnkey appliance, Nutanix simplifies datacenter infrastructure and runs any application at any scale. The world’s most advanced enterprise datacenters rely on Nutanix.

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Nuage provides flexible network services to businesses at cloud speed. By aligning a network to the needs of an enterprise it delivers an unconstrained network experience comparable to a cloud environment.

vArmour Logo

A logical security system of multiple autonomous, distributed sensors and enforcement points connected by an intelligent fabric, vArmour allows organisations to micro-segment each workload. By placing controls directly next to the assets being protected, it improves infrastructure utilisation and dramatically reduces potential attack surfaces.

Silver Peak Logo

Combining the cost and flexibility benefits of virtualisation with industry-leading WAN optimisation technology, Silver Peak VX enables customers to overcome bandwidth, distance and quality challenges when moving data over a WAN. Awarded a ‘Perfect 10’ for value by InfoWorld, Silver Peak VX can save customers up to 80% in WAN optimisation costs.

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The world’s first converged data management platform, Rubrik eliminates backup software by integrating data protection, instant recovery, and replication into a single, scale-out fabric.

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VMTurbo processes the complex interdependencies of resource management decisions, analysing all placement, sizing, and capacity possibilities across a virtual environment. By determining the decisions that will take your environment to its desired state it assures application performance and maximises environment utilisation.

NeverFail Logo

Neverfail’s Application Continuous Availability solution protects applications directly. It meets RTOs of less than a minute and delivers RPOs of seconds. Application layer aware, it spots the signatures that allow a sick application to be fixed before it fails.