Foundation IT delivers strategic infrastructure platforms based upon technology from Microsoft, Dell and VMware. We believe that these vendors offer the most comprehensive and strategic options for any organisation looking to optimise their infrastructure.

We have developed a Virtualisation Maturity Model that helps our clients to drive the adoption of virtualisation harder and faster - directly leading to a higher percentage of virtualised servers than the industry standard. Please see the interactive model below.



We recognize that more than ever organisations need a clear virtualisation strategy and roadmap to ensure ROI, efficiency and resilience of their infrastructure. In developing our Virtualisation Maturity Model we provide guidelines for adopting virtualisation strategically. The model gives a high level view of each stage of a maturing virtual infrastructure and how, when implemented effectively, organisations can realise strategic, technical, operational and business benefits.


Organisations are looking towards their infrastructure to deliver higher levels of service, flexibility and to maximise their IT investment. Our vendors are the undisputed market leaders in this arena with an extremely powerful base platform - but more importantly a complete set of management tools that allow clients to properly manage their infrastructure.
Foundation IT have been working with virtualisation technology since early on in its lifecycle and have used the technology to great affect. We have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by IT departments and we carry a strong skill base within the team that know how to get the best out of an organisations infrastructure.


  • "Foundation has provided an excellent service, delivered in a professional and courteous manner."
    Venture Finance PLC
    ICT Infrastructure and Security Manager
  • "We have worked with Foundation IT for a number of years. Our initial venture with them was Server Virtualization and their knowledge and experience assisted us in achieving implementation within two months. In recent years we called upon them for the experience on SharePoint and Desktop virtualization. In all the projects we have worked with Foundation IT we have been confident that our project objectives will be achieved within agreed timescales and budget."
    BAM Nuttall Limited
    Head of ICT Services
  • "We have enjoyed a good relationship with Foundation IT for almost 10 years, during which time we have implemented many projects, including Exchange migrations, sourcing and installation of SAN storage, along with the implementation of VMware for our server infrastructure. Foundation IT staff are very knowledgeable, professional and always there to help with any issue big or small. Their retainer time model of support works well and is also cost effective, as we are only charged for the actual amount of support time we use and not charged on an annual on-going basis per product as many other suppliers\support companies do. I would not hesitate in recommending Foundation IT to colleagues and peers."
    Bank of Cyprus UK
    IT Operations Manager
  • "This organisation has dealt with Foundation IT over several years, often on major, strategic projects. I've been here for almost two years now and in that time I have found Foundation IT to be a professional company and a team of technically knowledgeable people who are easy to do business with, so much so, that they are on our now fairly short preferred-supplier list, which has been radically trimmed during my tenure, in order that we retain only the best business partners, who can provide the most appropriate solution set and an optimum VFM factor."
    The Royal College of Physicians
    Chief Technical Officer
    Healthcare, Charity
  • "We use Foundation IT because we know we can trust them to find the best solution to our requirements in the Virtualisation and High Availability areas of IT system design"
    London Clubs International
    IT Manager


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