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Today’s Enterprise challenges are many and varied – commonly, IT is asked to do more, faster and at lower costs. They require new ways to rapidly deliver business applications and IT services while driving down overall TCO. IT needs next-generation datacenter infrastructure that delivers cloud-like economics and agility, but with the security and reliability of on-premise solutions. Nutanix can help in a number of scenarios.

Server Virtualisation

The Nutanix hyperconverged solution is an ideal, pay-as-you grow solution for server virtualization. Using a web-scale architecture that integrates compute and storage resources into a 100% software-defined appliance, Nutanix empowers both large and small IT organizations to efficiently consolidate and run all virtualized workloads on a single system. 100% feature parity across all popular hypervisors delivers the ultimate in flexibility. Enterprise-grade features, including self-healing storage and VM-granular policies combined with consumer-grade management, enables IT to eliminate the operational complexity typical of server virtualization environments with 3-tier infrastructure and easily manage deployments around the world through global management.

Enterprise Applications

A single Nutanix hyperconverged appliance can simultaneous run different workloads, including transactional and analytical databases, critical business application servers, and messaging and collaboration workloads – without having to overprovision storage to maintain long-term performance. Nutanix removes the additional cost and administrative overhead associated with separate data protection products. Integrated data protection and infrastructure resilience capabilities ensure business-critical workloads are always available, with application data well protected. Every Nutanix solution incorporates powerful capabilities, such as data integrity checks, tunable redundancy, data path redundancy, application or crash-consistent VM-centric snapshots, and synchronous and asynchronous replication to other Nutanix systems or public cloud storage facilities.

Desktop and Application Virtualisation

Traditional three-tier architectures with separate storage and compute (servers) bring complexity, inflexible resource provisioning, and fragmented infrastructure management, which can offset the advantages of desktop virtualization. Nutanix helps you address these challenges by eliminating unpredictable user performance, burdensome operational costs and high capital costs. Nutanix web-scale solutions consolidate compute (server) and the storage into a single, 100% software defined appliance that comes ready to run VMware Horizon with View, VMware Horizon Air, Citrix XenDesktop, and Citrix XenApp. Nutanix’s unique architecture allows enterprises to linearly scale their virtual desktop environment from tens to tens of thousands of desktops, while maintaining excellent user experience, reducing product risk and easing budget pressures, with a pay-as-you grow model.

Big Data

Big data applications, including Splunk and Hadoop, enable enterprises to quickly gather insights and opportunities from their data. Workloads such as these are pushing the performance and scalability limits of traditional three-tier infrastructures, requiring good sequential and random performance across large datasets and multiple nodes. The state-of-the-art Nutanix hyperconverged architecture with web-scale technologies delivers performance equivalent to bare metal deployments from your virtualized big data installations. Applications can linearly scale as your needs grow, enabling a pay-as-you-grow model for scaling without overprovisioning compute or storage.


Nutanix hyperconverged platforms are the ideal IT infrastructure for your private cloud deployments. Nutanix accelerates your organization’s journey to the cloud, turning your datacenter into a flexible and scalable asset. The 100% software-defined, hyperconverged Nutanix solution merges server and storage resources into a single appliance, bringing the benefits of web-scale technologies to enterprise private and hybrid clouds, at any scale. Nutanix Prism APIs and PowerShell toolkit easily integrate with your cloud stack of choice. So you can deliver ITaaS using popular cloud and orchestrations offerings including VMware vCloud Suite with vRealize Automation, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012, Windows Azure Pack, and KVM.