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Home from home,
office from office

Jump in a car, almost anywhere in the world and the brake, the clutch and the accelerator are in exactly the same place – it’s a comfortable experience. Yet use a new computer and every desktop is slightly different, it’s like walking into an unfamiliar room.

Given that efficient interaction with technology makes such a difference to your business, why do we put such barriers between your customers, partners and staff and the information they need? Desktop computers and laptops still have their place, but there are simpler, smarter ways to manage and access applications – improving the experience and reducing costs.

The next generation of user workspaces mean centralised personal or shared desktops (VDI) that allow any user to access a secure corporate desktop from anywhere and at any time on any device they choose. Working from home or out of hours, they can access that familiar windows desktop using Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.

These can be managed and maintained without desk-side assistance, applications can be added remotely and the expensive three to five year desktop replacement cycle can be broken.

Imagine… half way through a complex spreadsheet you leave the office – reconnect at home and everything’s there, exactly how you left it. Even the cursor is in the same cell.