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Nothing could be more important

Passion is an overworked word these days, but when it comes to education, our passion is genuine.

We’ve seen how well-implemented technology makes a difference to children’s lives, enhancing teaching and learning and giving them the tools to support their ideas and ambitions. Implemented poorly it can turn them away from the very skills they’ll need in the future – skills we all need them to have.

Thankfully, the building blocks of high quality education IT, are essentially quite simple…

  • Resilient, protected central systems and data storage
  • A capable, scalable network
  • A manageable wireless network

Once these are in place, almost anything can be added – centralized desktops and remote access that allow staff and students to complete tasks from home via a virtual desktop on their own device – iOS, Android or Mac OS.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives can flourish without complex configuration, and when all users access a standard, centralised desktop with a uniform set of applications, noisy, power hungry desktop suites can be replaced with ultra-low powered thin client devices. Drastically reducing costs and keeping classrooms cool.

Technology in education is too important to be left to chance, it’s why we’re so passionate about it.