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When Disaster Strikes, let us help
to keep calm and carry on

The worst can happen, and sadly very often does. No longer a local difficulty, data loss and leaks now make front-page news, damage share prices and harm reputations. All before the financial cost is even considered.

Of course you can’t rule out every eventuality, but good corporate responsibility means a plan that gets you up and running no matter how nasty the fall. A plan that helps today as well as tomorrow. It can identify issues and weaknesses that compound when left unchecked – and make your IT environment more robust.

We believe prevention is better than cure because we’ve seen the damage lack of prevention causes – and just how expensive the cure can be.

Yet disaster recovery remains the most frequently neglected element of every business’ infrastructure. The standby systems and equipment supposedly ready to spring into life – but left unchecked. The software updates on the primary system that have left your standby system ineffective – just when it’s needed.

We can’t guarantee the worst will happen, but we can guarantee you’ll be in better shape if it does.