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or nightmare?

What happened the moment we could keep all our data? Data became too valuable to discard. So we captured more data, we kept more data, and the world’s store of data just kept growing.

Because we in live in a ‘keep everything’ culture it’s genuinely hard to know what’s valuable and what isn’t – everything becomes critical just because we’ve little way of telling if it is. Then there’s the abundance of jargon, increasing levels of legislation and the promise that big data will unlock big secrets about your market.

So we keep on keeping – and our data needs keep on growing.

In all the work we’ve done, with companies large and small, simply taking the time to understand why particular data is being kept goes a long way to taming the beast. When you know that, you’re half way to knowing how to make the best use of what should, after all, be among your most prized assets.