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How to pin down a cloud

When Cloud computing first appeared on the horizon, it seemed very exotic, now it’s almost a commodity, think Gmail or But for businesses The Cloud isn’t a product, it’s a strategy – or at least it ought to be.

It’s a strategy that allows IT and software to be delivered as a service in three main variants ‘Public’, ‘Private’ and ‘Hybrid’. The trick, and the skill, is picking the mix that works best for you. In theory transitioning to a Cloud strategy increases efficiency through utilisation and automation, brings agility without loss of control and far greater freedom of choice. But to make that happen you have to ask yourself the right questions…

Whether it’s IaaS, BaaS, DRaaS, Office365, (or anything else ‘as-a-service’) we know that a one-size-fits-all solution rarely fits anyone at all, that your business objectives come first, and that unless you pin down what you need from the cloud it’s unlikely you’ll get the cloud working for you.