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If it isn’t business driven,
it has no place in business

Business Driven Infrastructure (BDI) means your IT works with your business plans. Most businesses (us included) rather feel that should count as a given, not an innovation. And while aligning IT to fit with your business goals may be a self-evidently good idea, that doesn’t make it easily achieved.

Organisational growth and development must be supported, costs have to be visible and predictable, and cyclical IT investment has to be tamed. The different skill sets needed during the cycle – between ‘run people’ and ‘design people’ all have to be acknowledged and managed.

But working to our BDI model means your IT should naturally support the development of your organisation rather than restrict it – It should mean fewer IT related delays, more predictable IT costs and the ability to scale services on demand.

Most importantly of all, it cuts out technology-smart, business-ignorant decisions – giving you a clear line of sight and making IT transparent to your business.