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Xsigo Systems offers a hardware and software solution that gives you a faster, simpler, converged infrastructure.
Xsigo I/O consolidates Ethernet and Fibre Channel connections to a single high speed cable. Rather than deploying multiple I/O cards and cables to every server, Xsigo lets you create connections dynamically in software. The result is:
·         30x faster application performance
·         100x greater management agility
·         70% less hardware complexity
·         50% less capital cost
Xsigo lets you connect any X86 server to any network and storage device in seconds, regardless of the vendor on the connection or type. Because Xsigo lets you dynamically connect any server to any network and storage, you can re-provision assets, achieve greater efficiency, and save on space, power and cooling.
 Xsigo makes it easier to deploy assets when and where they are needed. Xsigo also converges the infrastructure to save 50% compared to traditional infrastructure.  
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